17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL. 34212

Registered yoga teacher trainings


Heartwood is a yoga training institute rather than a place individuals come to for a personal retreat.Therefore we do not offer private accommodations at this time on site. We do have dorm style accommodations available for those attending our yoga teacher training programs, available on a first come first serve basis. 

Our accommodations provide comfortable sleeping for 4 or 5 people to a room with a shared bathroom. We also have an RV offering two private spaces that we use when our rooms are full. Please note, we do not charge for these accommodations and those that stay do so as our guests. We have space only for 11 people per session at this time, and usually the residencies fill early. The beds are full size, comfortable and the rooms feature lovely décor. Students don’t spend much time in the dorms, other than to sleep. The yoga center is open 24-7 and has a holistic library with couches, a lobby with internet, and a full service kitchen so if you want to get a snack, or find privacy to study, relax or just be, the center is only a few feet from the dorm space. The grounds are inviting too with a fire-pit you can visit at night, a garden and we have an art room making it possible to wander with a cup of tea, find a place to land to reflect or to be engaged in a mindful project. Laundry facilities are available too. Heartwood offers 4 complimentary bikes for our students to use to take a relaxing ride to the nearby State Park for fun or to provide transportation to nearby eateries, pharmacy, grocery and more - a variety of which is available only 4 miles away (with bike paths most of the route).

  Students who want private accommodations may option to stay in a private room with bath at the home of  one of our fellow teachers who live close nearby.  This can be a lovely option for privacy while taking advantage of inexpensive accommodations. For this option, you will need a vehicle to get back and forth. The homes are very close, but you will still need a car to get back and forth. This option costs an additional 20.00 per day.

Local residents and people with family or friends in the area often attend these programs and ask if they can get a discount since they do not need accommodations. We do not offer a discount in these cases, because our pricing does not include overnight stays (our operational permit does not allow to charge for lodging at this time), but the program fee does include a meal plan with catered healthy meals which everyone participating enjoys. 

​Students who are staying with us are welcome to come a day early to get settled before the program (which begins on the first day at 9am) and leave the day after graduation. Check in time is 3pm and check out is 11:00am. We are happy to provide rides to the airport for RYT-200 or 300 programs the day before and after a program for flights during 10am and 8pm. If you arrive beyond these hours or on an alternate day, you would need to use an Urber or Lift. Shorter programs require you to provide your own transportation to and from Heartwood. 

Students who take advantage of our complimentary accommodations will arrive to find towels, clean sheets and blankets at the foot of each bed. We ask you to make the bed yourself to assure your sleeping quarters are always fresh and clean, inviting, and comfortable. 

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed. - William McRaven