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Registered yoga teacher trainings

Learn more about your Reiki and Aerial complimentary certifications by clicking on the links below. We will substitute Chair Yoga training for Aerial if this is more in line with your long term goals as a teacher.

RYS-200 Yoga Instructor Certification

What Makes Heartwood's Program Special

                           Whether you want to dive deeper into your understanding of yoga for personal growth, or you                                      plan to forge a new career or life purpose, the RYS-200 foundation program at Heartwood Yoga Institute is designed to open your heart and mind to the healing practice of yoga with comprehensive study of the 8 limbs. Sanctioned by Yoga Alliance and recognized worldwide, this program offers both a classical and contemporary understanding of yoga, setting the stage for an authentic yoga practice you can readily share as it enhances your own life, and graduates will become an RYT-200 upon joining Yoga Alliance. Heartwood offers RYS-200 yoga instructor certification courses in different formats,  providing ample opportunity for students to choose a schedule and time format that works best with their busy life. We also offer a specialized RYS-200 program from students over 50 (Learn more here) Our deep involvement in yoga teacher training means we not only have vast experience, but our training programs are our highest priority and the core focus of our school. Visit our reviews from graduates on the Yoga Alliance National website to learn just how life altering this program is for so many individuals.  With a multitude of programs offered each year, students can easily make up any work missed, and we offer online review of portions of the training for students who feel those studies need revisiting after graduation. With a beautiful and intimate resort facility that includes a state of the art yoga studio, outdoor meditation and practice areas, a staff of experienced E-RYT-500 instructors,  complimentary training in specialized areas (aerial yoga, Reiki, Chair yoga), and convenient finance options, Heartwood's programs offer unparalleled value. To learn more about the 8 limbs of yoga and why a yoga teacher must study them to become a teacher, we invite you to take our free online course The Eight Limbs of Yoga to forge a better understanding of what yoga training involves. 

A Broad Based Education as your educational foundation

The Heartwood RYS -200 is a  broad-based yoga teacher training program that explores the most common pathways and methods popular in yoga today in an attempt to cross examine and explore yoga's many diverse styles. The program introduces the similarities and differences of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, and other popular methods, as well as Power yoga, Yin yoga, restorative yoga, aerial yoga, and more.  The goal of this approach is to widen the teacher’s awareness and understanding of the great diversity within the practice today. This assures greater employment options and, having a wealth of information to draw upon, helps yoga instructors recognize the difference between what is simply style verses differing structural or energetic philosophies. With a strong understanding of yoga's varying traditions, teachers are prepared to create more diverse and appropriate practices for the different populations they may teach. We are a Yoga Alliance sanctioned program recognized worldwide. Learn more about Yoga Alliance here.

Become a teacher with something special to offer 

Familiarizing yourself with differing methods not only expands awareness, but reveals the true essence of yoga which is at the core of all methods – what we call “big yoga”, or the beauty of the practice when commercialism, ego, or franchise elements are stripped away. For every teacher there is someone who needs what they have to give. Each teacher-in-training is encouraged to be open to all styles, but they are also encouraged to embrace only the information that resonates with them personally so their teaching is rooted in authenticity (rather than simply imitating other's classes or personalities ). Upon this we encourage the teacher to layer their own personal gifts of understanding, compassion and the insights acquired from life experience, education, or challenges, because what we have learned from our own lives strengthens our voice as a teacher and helps us discover what we, as individuals, can bring to the yoga world.


Becoming a yoga alliance certified teacher involves a substantial investment of time and money, and we do all we can to make this dream affordable for all (our pricing is a part of our school’s Karma yoga beliefs - we charge what we must, not what we can.) The Heartwood RYT-200 program is not only priced substantially lower than most other programs of it’s kind, but includes valuable extra’s, such as additional trainings, including Aerial Yoga Certification or Chair Yoga (Please see our aerial yoga or Chair Yoga training page for more information) as well as Reiki Level 1 certification (as part of our energy studies). We offer bonus materials, online support and additional training and ongoing mentorship. For those that need to spread their tuition out over time, we offer convenient payment programs to balance your budget at home.

Business of Yoga & Photo Shoot

One element we address is the business of yoga, where we outline business factors that will affect your career, such as what to charge, insurance, how to maintain your certification status and what additional educational opportunities you may or may not wish to pursue considering your long term goals. We also take a photo shoot of all students in our garden and around the grounds in poses they have learned, so each students leaves with dozens of beautiful yoga pictures they can use for marketing and to share with others on social media or in print as new yoga mentors, teachers and enthusiasts building a business.

A Vacation Inward and a Life Altering Experience

Heartwood is a short drive from Sarasota, Tampa and Bradenton, but the facility feels worlds away. Students often remark that coming to Heartwood feels as if they are visiting "a little Kripaulu" or Costa Rica, but it's better because we are easy to get too, yet small and intimate, making it possible for a soul enriching training experience that still feels like a vacation. For those flying in, we offer some dorm housing and our gorgeous grounds and close yoga community forge lifetime memories. Heartwood's Program offers a far different experience than what can be gained in 200 hours cooped in a yoga studio. With 7 acres to sprawl, reflect and move about, the hours spent studying feel deeply refreshing to the heart and soul. Plenty of time is spent in our beautiful yoga center breaking down postures, true, but we also meditate in the chakra garden, walk the labyrinth, journal in the art workshop, eat under the oaks outside, sit silently in the meditation gazebo, gather around the elements fire pit for philosophy conversations, reach for books from the yoga library, explore art in our art workshop, and more. Yoga training programs at Heartwood are intimate and progressive, transformative for the individual, while being a solid path for serving others as we each strive to do our part to make the world a better place.