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Registered yoga teacher trainings
Sessions meet 7:30am-7:30pm daily. 

(Sorry but this program is full) Winter : Jan. 25-Feb. 14, 2020 (Aerial Certification Feb. 15-16)

Summer: July 6-26, 2020 (With optional bonus Aerial Certification July 27 & 28) .

Winter: Jan. 23-Feb. 12, 2021 (With optional bonus Aerial Certification Feb. 13 & 14)

The Heartwood RYS-300 immersion program is designed for people who already have their RYT-200 certification and are ready for advanced training to become an RYT-500. In the 21-23 day format (depending on the options you select) we dive into a variety of specialized subjects and independent certifications to expand your skill set and forge deeper understanding of specific styles and learning modalities. We do comprehensive  certifications and trainings in:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Chair &, Yoga for Seniors
  • Aerial Yoga (optional)
  • Journey into the subtle body/  koshas, chakras, kleshas. 
  • Philosophy (advanced sutra studies)
  • Ayurveda 
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Advanced Teaching concepts
  • Advanced Meditation
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Chanting /mudras
  • Comprehensive Anatomy (online course to be taken at your leisure)
  • Workshop and Retreat development & business of Yoga

We make every attempt to make yoga training flexible and available to people regardless of their life circumstances. Students are encouraged to take the full program for consistency with their tribe, however we do allow students to take this program in segments and divide it among two or more immersion seasons. This is as if you were doing modules, but by stacking one immersion week or more together you can still finish the program in just a few visits.  Please call for more information if spreading your attendance out over time is the only way you can participate due to work or family obligations.  We also offer this program in modular units which can be combined with a portion of the immersion for flexible options. 

Our key instructors are all ERYT-500 yoga teachers, Reiki Masters, yoga therapists registered with IAYT and or LMT's. Other guest teachers are highly qualified with special skills and so they are invited to join us for smaller elements of the program to make each unit comprehensive and dynamic. You can read over 250 reviews of graduates from our program on the Yoga Alliance Website as well.

If you sign up for the 300 hour immersion, you will be putting in long days filled with new, expanded information, but we tend to do a review of core yoga material that a teacher should know from their 200 to assure each student feels truly grounded in basics and feels confident and well trained as an advanced yoga teacher. Student led morning classes allow participants to practice teaching and get feedback to strengthen their communication and sequencing skills, while also making it possible to teach new subjects or creative class ideas  Please,  no worries if it has been awhile since you did your first yoga training or if you feel your first training wasn’t as comprehensive as you hoped. We will revisit the basics of an authentic yoga education when necessary as we move to advanced meditation, alignment, and philosophy as well as introduce new material. 

The Heartwood 300 hour program includes Advanced teaching skills (a prop workshop, advanced postures, effective language, and sequencing) as well as a day learning how to put together workshops and retreats to support those who wish to make a career in yoga. One element of the training is offered as an online course to be taken at your convenience (anatomy). Students who are local are invited to come and execute a workshop or retreat here for the public, but for those flying in who obviously can’t take advantage of our facility unless they choose to fly back to visit, we instead work with you on the planning process, theory, and urge everyone to manifest their event when back home to gain hands on experience and empower their confidence as teachers. We enjoy some art therapy projects to give yoga teachers material that they can blend with yoga for full day retreats etc... We cover advanced anatomy, Ayurveda, Advanced sutra studies, Subtle body studies, Meditation and rounding (meditation), comprehensive pranayama & chanting to dive deeper into the core basics which are the building blocks of a solid yoga education and foundation.

The program is designed to complete yoga alliance requirements in this 22 days, plus we add the optional Aerial Yoga Certification on two extra days. Students will graduate late in the evening on our last unit or they may opt to take the complimentary aerial yoga certification from 9-5 on the last two days, and leave that evening or the next morning. (Aerial is 9-5pm)

As a 300 program concentrated on therapeutic yoga, this 300 hours also are assigned as foundational studies for our 800 yoga therapy program and can be applied to that certification- but please know some additional hours of reading and practicum assignments are required for those who wish to transfer these hours to the formal therapy certification.  (Students can earn their RYT-500 in this course and decide later if they wish to continue on to a formal yoga therapy certification.)

For more detailed information on each specific subject we cover, please review our 300/500 program page where we detail what each subject involves. 

Note we begin on day one at 7:30 am. We close on the last day with a graduation. Students are excused the next morning at 10am, and they can usually get a flight home anytime that day or stay for the additional two days of aerial training without any additional fees.



To register, students pay a 500.00 deposit and select to pay in full, or set up a monthly payment plan option with interest depending on the term. Paypal credit is an option for those that qualify, providing time to pay at your own pace, with 6 months interest free. If selecting this option, pay for the course with Paypal, but send in your application and contact us to tell us what sessions you will be attending to secure your registration.  Learn about tuition options here

RYS-300 Yoga Immersion Programs - concentration in yoga therapy