Payment Options:

If you registered through Book Yoga Retreats or another booking agent, you must pay a 20% deposit (which goes to the agent as the booking fee) and the balance is payable to Heartwood Retreat Center, due in full 30 days before the program begins.

Lowest Tuition: The lowest price for tuition can be had by registering early and paying full tuition. You can do this by paying your tuition with a bank draft or check, credit card, or through our PayPal financing, in which case you have 6 months interest free to pay the balance, after which you are subject to whatever finance fee PayPal credit offers. When using PayPal Credit, please notify us of which program you are registering for.

Heartwood Financing : For those without access to PayPal credit, for RYT Programs and other longer trainings, we do offer a convenient Heartwood payment plan. This requires a deposit of $500.00 down and we will divide the remainder of tuition into equal installments. There is a finance fee applied to the tuition payment plan (dependent upon the term selected) which may be more than other credit options. To set up this plan, please register with your deposit and we will keep a credit card on file. You have the option to pick your term and then your monthly payment will be processed on the first or 15th of the month.

Our  RYS-200 training immersion is a 15 day session allowing students an opportunity to dive deeply into yoga and receive their certification in a progressive, immersion format. Graduates become RYT-200 certified upon graduation when they join Yoga Alliance. We meet daily from 7:30am till 6:30pm (Dinner is from 6:30-7:30) pacing each day to sustain the longer hours comfortably. During these programs, a vegetarian lunch and dinner together is served on the grounds of Heartwood (vegan and gluten options available), allowing us to continue with our studies while breaking bread together to connect as a tribe. Immersion programs include Reiki level 1 training & aerial yoga certification as  well. (Arrangements can be made to take Chair certification on another time as a substitute for Aerial if that is a better fit for your goals but you must be willing to return to take the weekend course later.) Please note that we start our first day (Sunday)  begins with an orientation at 6pm. WE begin the formal training the next morning at 7:30 am.

Please consider that a great deal of information must be processed quickly in this format, and while Heartwood is a beautiful retreat center that allows us to stretch out and enjoy nature, camaraderie and many inspirational experiences, we do work hard to assure at the finish of the program everyone emerges as qualified, confident teachers. If you need reinforcement to be grounded in the information, we have online programs to reinforce your training (not instead of in person training, but in addition to, so you have ample opportunity to process the information.) We always offer our graduates ongoing training opportunities and you can retake any portion of the training again later for free. This program is deeply transformational, inspiring and thanks to the fact that one lesson or discussion stacks upon another to form a deep understanding of yoga. Unlike a long, drawn out program where down time between meetings or absences pause the process, we find the immersion program produces some truly amazing, dynamic teachers thanks to the momentum and  single focus of the studies during our time together.

This program includes a beach day, journaling, gong meditations, and other lovely activities to open minds and hearts to a new way of looking at life, while also creating lasting memories and relationships with your tribe. Be prepared for 15 wonderful days of yoga, yoga, yoga. You will work hard, but enjoy every minute.


​The Heartwood 15 day immersion certification is recognized worldwide through Yoga Alliance. You can check Heartwood Yoga out on the Yoga Alliance websiteto see over 200 reviews from people who have graduated from our program and gone on to forge careers. The program unfolds in a way that one concept stacks on another, so you leave with a deep understanding of yoga and confidence to share the practice with others if you do indeed plan to teach. Yoga Alliance allows 16 hours of elective studies in addition to the core basics, and in our case, we use that time for an elective of either Aerial yoga certification or Chair yoga certification. This practice uses an aerial swing as a prop to facilitate healing and authentic yoga in a way that helps students understand the power of inversion and gravity to enhance poses and health benefits. We allow students to substitute chair yoga in cases when they rather not experience aerial, but that involves an extended stay or coming back when that program is offered depending on our seasonal offerings. We also teach Reiki level one as part of your energy studies, and you will experience gong meditations and other energy healing modalities too.   

Experienced Teachers:

All instructors involved in yoga teacher training at Heartwood are E-RYT-500 certified or above, all are yoga therapists registered with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapy) or LMT (Licensed Massage Therapists), Reiki masters and have other credentials to add to their experience.

Engaging Syllabus:

We begin each day with a practice revolving class styles to assure students are exposed to varied methodology of yoga to expand the understanding of the most popular yoga styles today. Some of the classes may be yin or restorative, while others are flow or kundalini. After practice we have lectures, films, anatomy, meditation, pranayama, teaching practice, etc. so we are not doing physical yoga all day. We are careful to pace the day to keep everyone's energy up and Heartwood is a very inspirational place, so we often move out of the yoga center to have a discussion around our fire pit (which is also a fountain if the weather is warmer), practice in our open air yoga pavilion or under the shade of trees near the medicine wheel, or hold conversations in our meditation gazebo.  We have a gorgeous meditation garden that won a national award and was featured in Country Garden Magazine too, so we enjoy many inspirational environments to enhance our learning. We also spend one day at the nearby beach for outdoor class. Sarasota has the number one beach in America with soft white sand and beautiful sunsets and is a crystal vortex due to the natural quartz infused sand.

Staying at Heartwood:

Our accommodations, if you are need to stay with us, are dorm style, with 4 or 5 people to a room with a shared bathroom and an RV offering two private spaces . Please note we have space only for 11 people each session at this time, and usually the residencies fill early. The beds are full size, comfortable and have lovely décor. Students don’t spend much time in the dorms, other than to sleep. The yoga center is open 24-7 and has a holistic library with couches, a lobby with internet, and a full service kitchen so if you want to get a snack, or find privacy to study, relax or just be, the center is only a few feet from the dorm space. The grounds are inviting too with a firepit you can visit at night, a garden and we have an art room making it possible to wander with a cup of tea, find a place to land to reflect or to be engaged in a mindful project. Laundry facilities are available too. When  our dorms fill, sometimes a few students have an option to stay in a private room with bath at the home of  one of our fellow teachers who live close nearby.  This can be a lovely option for privacy while taking advantage of  our all-inclusive pricing. Local residents and people with family or friends in the area often take the program without needing housing. We do not offer a discount in these cases, because it is not the lodging we charge for, but the meal plan, which everyone participating enjoys. 

Studentsare welcome to come a day early to get settled before the program (which begins on the first day at 9am) and leave the day later. Check in time is 3pm and check out is 11:00am. We are happy to provide rides to the airport for RYT programs the day before and after a program for flights during 10am and 8pm. If you arrive beyond these hours or on an alternate day, you would need to use an Urber or Lift.


To register, you must pay a deposit of 500.00 and select a payment plan option with interest or pay tuition in full for the lowest tuition. If you wish to pay for the program with paypal credit to get 6 months interest free to pay for the program, please sign up through paypal, then contact us to guarantee space in the session you will be attending to complete the registration.

17507 Waterline Rd. Bradenton FL. 34212

Registered yoga teacher trainings

Upcoming 15 day Immersion Sessions:

​Tuition $3,250.00 (Includes self serve breakfast, and a vegetarian lunch and dinner daily. Housing is included for those who need it.)

​Jan. 5-19, 2020
Feb 29-15, 2020 (for 50 plus students) 
April 19-May 3, 2020
May 24- June 7th, 2020
August 2-16, 2020
Oct. 25-Nov. 8, 2020 (for 50 p[us students)
 All programs begin at 6pm on day 1 for orientation, and begin the next day at 7:30 am.  If flying in, please try to schedule arrival earlier in the day to join us. Housing is NOT available the day before, but if you can't make orientation due to travel arrangements, we are flexible. WE finish on Sunday (the last day) at 5pm.  Students can make arrangements to fly home later that evening or leave the next morning. (Note that elective Aerial or Chair is the last weekend, and you can make alternate arrangements for this portion of the training if you wish and could then leave 2 days earlier).

RYS-200 Immersion Yoga Teacher Training.