Tuition Policy

All students must read and agree to the Heartwood Tuition and Attendance Policy.

For more information, you may also wish to visit our Tuition financing policies.

Student Degree Plan

Students enrolled in any program that is not completed in one residency visit must work with the director to create a degree plan. Students must formally enroll in the modules or Yoga therapy concentrations that they plan to attend. While we do our best to accommodate the needs of all students, Heartwood cannot guarantee housing or space in any and all future programs without at least 4 months advanced notice. Once enrolled, the student will be expected to attend or provide at least 7 days notice of withdrawl if plans change. If we hold space and we are not provided with ample notice that the space is available for others, the student may have to pay to retake that unit at a later date. Programs without at least three students enrolled may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

Academic Performance Requirements
To receive certification, students must attend 100% of the residency program hours as per your program description and complete all homework assigned. All quizzes or tests must be passed with 90% or higher. Students can retake any test necessary if they fail to meet this criteria. The school also has a policy that students are invited to retake any course or residency free of charge (other than a fee for the meal plan, housing or materials if applicable) in cases where they need reinforcement of the material or retraining in order to feel competent, confident or ready to work in that area of expertise. We do our best to recognize that each individual has their own learning style, degree of experience and learning readiness, and as such, Heartwood provides ample opportunity for all students to continue their studies until they fully absorb the material. In the end, it is the student's responsibility to be fully present, to put ego aside, and take advantage of our policy to retake a course if necessary to integrate and comprehend the material so as to successfully be able to apply the knowledge as a teacher and a yogi.

We recommend students read the essay, "Meeting for learning" by Parker Palmer to be familiar with our philosophy about how vibrant, enriching learning environments can be achieved.  


Student Grievance Procedures
Students are asked to first put their complaint into writing and send it to so we can respectfully address the issue. Students are also invited to set an appointment with the school director to discuss any issues or complaints in person. In cases where the student may have an issue with the director, he or she may set up an appointment with any of the key staff as well. All issues will be considered respectfully and if appropriate, addressed with all Heartwood staff involved.

Student Guidelines

Student Disciplinary Procedures
Students who do not adhere to our conduct or attendance policy will first be addressed in a private meeting with the director. If attendance does not improve,  the student will be advised to discontinue the session and return when they are ready and able to be fully present. If behavior is an issue and does not improve despite attempts to correct the situation, the student  will be dismissed from the program without refund.

Heartwood aspires to create a learning environment that instills a sense of grace and dignity to the yoga experience and one which honors and celebrates personal growth, diversity, and respect for the learning process. As a small and intimate retreat facility, it is important students understand our expectations and processes to be sure they are in alignment with their beliefs about education, yoga and working harmoniously and respectfully with others.

Rules for Student Conduct

  • Students must be on time for all classes and stay for the full duration of the course unless excused by the director. Tardiness is considered an absence.
  • All unexcused absences or time missed must be made up in person in a future session unless other arrangements are agreed upon with the instructor.
  • Students must show courtesy and respect to staff and fellow students and honor the learning environment. They are to come prepared for practice, properly dressed with all necessary supplies, and will be expected participate fully and with enthusiasm.
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be used or turned on during classes or lectures unless permission if given by the instructor (such as to capture a posture demonstration or sequence.) 

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice

and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

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