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Registered yoga teacher trainings

Tuition & Attendance Policy: 

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of training at the best facility for the lowest price possible to make it affordable for everyone to enjoy the powerful transformation that is result of Yoga Training. With the highest credentialed teachers, a state of the art retreat facility and an open door policy that invites students back to retrain without charge, you can't beat the value. We charge what we must, not what we can, but in order to do provide all we do at such an affordable price, we have to keep the integrity of the program intact by laying down some policies.


Tuitions paid for all workshops or yoga teacher training are non refundable and non- transferable to another student or to classes or any alternate program, but we do have a generous policy allowing students to repeat teacher's training when or if it becomes necessary for any reason . 

If you have paid for a workshop or weekend course and you can not make it, you are welcome to attend our next offering of the same subject provided you give us notice that you will be missing the session. If you do not choose to take advantage of this opportunity and do not give us 48 hour notice (one week notice in the case of immersion or residency programs), you will be forfeiting your tuition.  We close enrollment when class grow large or choose to go forth with course despite very small attendance, purchase supplies, hire help etc.. all on the assumption that we can count on the numbers of pre-enrollment when making these decisions and arrangements. That said, please be sure you are available to attend any course before registering.  

Heartwood does not issue refunds for any monies paid. If you do not attend the program you signed up for, your payment for training programs remains on your account for up to 1 year but because of the intimate nature of our training and the limited space available in our dorms (and the fact that once we hold a spot, we often turn others away) 

If you drop out of a program prior to completion, there is a re-enrollment fee of $300 to begin in another session. If you complete a program, yet want reinforcement training or to retake any or all of the training, you are welcome to join us again free of charge, however we cannot guarantee housing and there is a meal plan fee for those programs that include meals. 

Payment options: 

Lowest Tuition: The lowest price for tuition can be had by registering early and paying in full. You can do this by paying your tuition with a bank draft or check, credit card, or through our PayPal financing, in which case you have 6 months interest free to pay the balance, after which you are subject to whatever finance fee PayPal credit offers.


Heartwood Financing : Heartwood does offer a convenient payment plan for RYT or Yoga Therapy tuitions. This requires a deposit of $500.00 down and we will divide the remainder of tuition into equal installments. There is a finance fee applied to the tuition payment plan (dependent upon the term selected) which may be more than other credit options. To set up this plan, please register with your deposit and we will keep a credit card on file. You have the option to pick your term and then your monthly payment will be processed on the first or 15th of the month.

Attendance (RYT-200)

Because most of our programs are designed as a linear course and the information unfolds progressively while students connect and bond, it is important to make every attempt to stick with one course from start to finish. In cases where life gets in the way and a student misses material, we will work with you to make it up in one of our alternate programs. If a student misses more than 50 hours of training  (three weekends or the equivalent of a 200 hour program), we will suggest they take the full program again. Also please realize some portions of the program can not be missed or made up privately, and in these cases, the student will have to attend that portion of training the next time it is offered before receiving their certification - we offer many of our courses in different formats, so unless a student is in a hurry to complete the training within a time frame they have set for themselves, they can always pick up what is missed at the next offering . As an sanctioned Yoga Alliance program, all students must put in the time and effort to participate in all assigned hours of training and no exceptions will be made under any circumstances before issuing a certification. 

In cases of RYT-200.we also offer complimentary "office hours" to be used as  tutoring, so if you feel you need additional help understanding or mastering anything you've been taught, or if you missed core information such as how to teach key postures , you have a chance to fill in the blanks without a having to pay for extra training time. This is our gift of personal time and effort to our trainees, not an obligation on our part, and we offer this time with best intentions to help everyone have a successful training experience. We do not offer privates in lieu of a student adhering to basic attendance requirements. Yoga training teaches us personal discipline, and that begins with students embracing the fact that they must show up, fulfill expectations, and understand that one's spiritual evolution can not be bought with a tuition payment nor can you be authentic if you are trying to cut corners. Growth happens only when we do the personal work, dive in with passion and embrace the process at whatever pace is required to get results.   

With our flexible options, generosity of extra time offered, and our sincere attempts to make yoga training available and workable for everyone, completing any course at Heartwood should not only be possible but a  refreshing, joyful experience for everyone.