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Registered yoga teacher trainings

“The investments we make in ourselves will always deliver the most profitable returns.” 

RYT Training Payment Options:
Non-direct booking: If you registered through Book Yoga Retreats or another booking agent, you must pay a 20% deposit (which goes to the agent as the booking fee) and the balance is payable to Heartwood Retreat Center, due in full 30 days before the program begins.

Lowest Tuition: The lowest price for tuition can be had by registering early and paying full tuition. You can do this by paying your tuition with a bank draft or check, credit card, or through our PayPal financing, in which case you have 6 months interest free to pay the balance, after which you are subject to whatever finance fee PayPal credit offers. (You apply directly with them, and request the tuition amount required for whatever program you are attending. )When using PayPal Credit, please notify us of which program you are registering for to be sure we have a correct record of your pending attendance. 

Heartwood Financing: For those without access to PayPal credit, for RYT Programs and other longer trainings, we do offer a convenient Heartwood payment plan. This requires a deposit of $500.00 down and we will divide the remainder of tuition into equal installments. There is a finance fee applied to the tuition payment plan (dependent upon the term selected) which may be more than other credit options. To set up this plan, please register with your deposit and we will keep a credit card on file. You have the option to pick your term and then your monthly payment will be processed on the first or 15th of the month.

Heartwood RYT Certification Financing options

We strive to keep our programs affordable and to provide finance options to make attending our yoga teacher training program a possibility for everyone. Depending on the program you choose, you can spread your payment anywhere from 9 to 30 months to balance your budget and still pursue your dream. Paying for a program in full always assures the best price, and some people have low interest credit cards or cards that earn points making these payment arrangements the sensible option, but other students find the convenience of a finance arrangement is better for their circumstances, especially when they can choose the term and payment that best suits their budget and goals. 

Choosing the finance option requires signing a financial contract and you must provide a credit or debit card for an automatic withdraw once a month, so if you are setting this up, be sure you can meet your chosen repayment agreement. The contract is a formal agreement so failure to honor your arrangements will affect your credit rating. The amount financed, the rate, the payment and the full cost of the loan at the end of term is outlined below so you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your circumstances.

When choosing the finance option, you can  pay for the program during and/or after participating, so you can start learning right away and be certified and qualified to teach upon graduation; however we cannot approve Yoga Alliance membership until the program is paid in full.  Yoga Alliance does retroact your membership to the date you graduated when you register with the organization, so no time is lost by waiting until your financial obligation has been met. 

If you choose the payment plan and drop out of a program before completion, you are still required to pay the balance of tuition. You will be required to sign a financial contract when setting up your payment plan and place a credit or debit card on file for monthly withdraw, charged on the first or fifteenth of the month. If you do not finish the program, you may re-enroll to use your tuition within one year, however you must pay off your initial financial contract as per the original agreement regardless of attendance.   Note that we fill most every program,  and do purchasing and hiring to meet the needs of each program depending on enrollment numbers, so when you take a spot we are turning away others or have already made our investment to provide a quality experience to the tribe. This is why we enforce our tuition policy and why you are committed to paying the full tuition once you enroll in any program.

RYT-200 - Cost of Program (day programs - no residencies or food included)  $2,600.00

Non-refundable down-payment required to register: $500.00 - Financing $2,75000.00

9 Months -  Monthly payment $ 248.16(Interest rate 15% / Full repayment at end of term will be $2,233.42)

12 Months - Monthly Payment $193.53(Interest rate 19% / Full repayment at end of term will be $2322.35)

18 Months - Monthly payment $140.07(Interest rate 24% / Full repayment at end of term will be $2521.34)

RYT-200 15 day Immersions - Cost of Programs include food and complimentary lodging if necessary (and when available) - $3,250.00

Non-refundable down-payment required to register: $500.00 - Financing $2,750.00

Please note that your deposit and at least 1 payment for the 9 month financing or 2 payments for 12 or 18 month financing must be paid before you attend.
9 Months -  Monthly payment $ 351.38 (Interest rate 15% / Full repayment at end of term will be $3662.50)
12 Months - Monthly Payment $272.70 (Interest rate 19% / Full repayment at end of term will be $3772.50.)

18 Months - Monthly payment $207.78 (Interest rate 24% / Full repayment at end of term will be $4240.00)

RYT-300 - Cost of Program $4,250.00

Non-refundable down-payment required to register - $500.00 - Financing $3,750.00

12 Months - Monthly Payment $ 396.66(Interest rate 15% / full repayment at end of term 4760.)

18 Months - Monthly Payment - $292.05 (Interest rate 19% / full repayment at end of term is 4257.50)

24 Months - Monthly Payment $240.83(Interest rate 24% / Full repayment at end of term is 5,780.00)

Be sure you can attend a program before signing up There are no refunds for tuition paid. Tuition cannot be transferred to another student or to a different program.

If you drop out of a program prior to completion, there is a re-enrollment fee of $300 to begin another program. If you complete your program, yet want reinforcement training or to retake any or all of the training, you are welcome to join us again free of charge.