RYT-200 Immersion 15 day Programs

                                        For those whom a drawn out course would be difficult to commit to due to life circumstance or

                                        the time frame of their goals, we offer RYT-200 training in an immersion 15 day session allowing                                           students an opportunity to dive deeply into yoga and receive their certification in a progressive,                                               immersion format. We meet for an orientation at 6pm on the first Sunday, then begin the formal training from 7:30am till 7:30pm daily, pacing each day to sustain the longer hours comfortably. During these programs, a vegetarian lunch and dinner together is served on the grounds of Heartwood, allowing us to continue with our studies while breaking bread together to connect as a tribe. Immersion programs include Reiki level 1 training, aerial yoga certification as  well. (Arrangements can be made to take Chair certification on another session as a substitute for Aerial if that is a better fit for your goals and you are willing to return again for this final component. Our elective Chair and Aerial certifications are on the last two days of the program, so students who opt out can leave early.) Please consider that a great deal of information must be processed quickly in this format, and while Heartwood is a beautiful retreat center that allows us to stretch out and enjoy nature, camaraderie and many inspirational experiences, we do work hard to assure we finish as qualified, confident teachers. If you feel you need reinforcement to be grounded in the information, we always offer our graduates ongoing training opportunities and you can retake any portion of the training again later for free. This program includes a beach day and other lovely activities to make the experience dynamic and memorable as you create lasting relationships with your tribe. But be prepared for 15 wonderful days of yoga, yoga, yoga. 

Course Fee - 3,250.00  

Upcoming 15 day Immersion Sessions:

Jan. 5-20, 2020
Feb 29 - 15, 2020 (for 50 plus)
April 19-May 3, 2020
May 24-June 7, 2020
August 2-16, 2020
October 25-Nov. 8, 2020 (For 50 plus)

To formally register and hold a space in the class, you ask you to send in an application so we have all the information we need to serve you best. You must also register officially online at the link provided. After registering, you will receive an e-mail outlining more details about the class and how to prepare to get the most out of your training experience.  

All RYT-200 courses require 200 hours of study to become a sanctioned yoga instructor, whether the material is studied in long subsequent days or unfolds one hour a week for 200 weeks. Some work is assigned outside of the program's hours, such as 20 complimentary classes taken at your convenience to fulfill the practicum element, or online coursework students may opt to do. Heartwood offers the RYT-200 foundation training in a variety of course formats making it easy for everyone to fit yoga training into their busy lives. See below for more information on different session formats. For those who plan to take your yoga training all the way to include a advanced 300 program or possibly an 800 hour yoga therapy certification, Heartwood offers progressive programs with transfer hours to take you to the highest level of yoga certification you need to support your dreams and goals.

2018-2019 RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

To register for a program, students must put down a 500.00 deposit and select a Heartwood Payment plan with interest or pay in full for the lowest tuition. Paypal credit is an option for those that qualify, allowing students to pay at their own pace and providing  6 months interest free. To select this option, you will pay for the course then send in the application and contact us to complete  the registration and hold your space in the session.

Please consider your choices before signing up!
Heartwood does not issue refunds for any monies paid. Your payment for training remains on your account for up to 1 year but because of the intimate nature of our training and the limited space available in our dorms (and the fact that once we hold a spot, we often turn others away) Heartwood will charge a transference fee of $300 should you decide to postpone your training and attend at a later date. Dormitory fees will be lost and you will need to re-book and pay again if you were a resident and wish to be again when moving to another training date as well.

Know you want to take your yoga training all the way to possibly consider adding yoga therapy to your skills? Consider signing up for both the 200 & 300 program for advanced certification. We can help you with an educational plan for your goals and you will save on tuition too!

                                      RYT-200 Evening Program-2019
                                      September 5 - Dec. 12 

                                               This program is designed for working individuals wishing to participate in yoga training yet

                                                needing a schedule that will work in harmony with work and family obligations and not

                                                demand a sequence of full weekends and/or long sessions.  The program meets on Monday and Thursday nights and one Saturday a month (4 Saturdays), with breaks during the holidays. The Anatomy portion of this course is offered as an online course as well, so participants can complete these studies at their own pace, or they can elect to take the anatomy course (30 hours) in person with another tribe. Students chose between Chair yoga or Aerial Yoga as their 20 hour elective and can choose whatever weekend works best for them for this specialty certification course. (Options for the courses taking place during this program time frame are listed – other options available after graduation.)  Mondays & Thursdays: 6:00-9:00 pm -  Sept. 5-Dec. 12,  with 4 Saturdays. Sept. 28, Oct. 5, Nov. 2 , Nov. 16th, and one elective training weekend of your choice ( Chair is available Dec. 9 & 10  or Aerial  yoga on Jan. 11 & 12, or you may pick another weekend course that better fits your schedule after Jan. ).No class on Thanksgiving week or Oct. 31 in respect to the holidays.

Course Fee: 2,600.00

                                 Daytime RYT-200 Yoga Training 
                                Jan. 22 - April 22,  2020 (Next available ryt-200 in a daytime format. This year's daytime training is currently in process)

                                         This course is perfect for anyone who longs to study yoga in depth, yet has conflicts with                                                           devoting long weekends to the process. The course meets every Wednesday afternoon for                                                       approximately 20 weeks, making this format a perfect fit for parents who want to study while their children are in school, or for anyone who finds it easier to devote one day a week (in shorter sessions) to yoga studies rather than the long, involved weekend sessions.*Note: The Daytime RYT-200 course does involve one weekend session for Aerial or Chair certification, that you can schedule according to your availability. This program also includes Reiki one certification.   

Day Course Schedule: Every Wednesday at Heartwood from 9:00-3:00. Plus one weekend elective course for Aerial Yoga Training Course or Chair certification. Students also are given twenty complimentary yoga classes as part of their practicum. 

Course Fee - 2,600.00

                              RYT-200 Daytime Program for 50 plus
                              Offered each fall - Tuesdays and the first Saturday of the month (4 Saturdays)

                                     Oct. 22, 2019 - Feb. 25  2020 (We also meet one weekend for Chair yoga.)

                                      Read more about how this course is specifically designed for ages 50 plus here. This course                                                     includes:  Reiki one in addition to all the yoga alliance studies for full certification. This certification includes Chair yoga   training but you can substitute Aerial on an alternate weekend if you wish.  Students are given 20 complimentary classes. Sat. meetings include Nov. 2, Dec. 7, Jan. 4 & Feb 1 PLUS a weekend Chair yoga certification Nov. 9 & 10 or select an alternative.) Read more here

This course is offered at a discounted AARP rate of $2,400.00

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