Yoga Alliance is the guiding organization for yoga worldwide, setting the standards for authentic yoga training. All RYT-200 certification yoga programs follow a guideline set by Yoga Alliance that determines how the 200 hours of core training should be allocated to different areas of study, such as anatomy, posture focus, meditation, sutra studies, elective subjects, etc … At least 125 of your 200 hours must be in in-person training, and should involved an organized, comprehensive syllabus for an integrated education. All key trainers in an RYS schools must have ERYT-500 training, assuring you are guided by teachers with experience and extensive education. To learn more about why a yoga teacher must study all 8 limbs of yoga to be an authentic mentor to others check out our free short online course: The 8 limbs of Yoga

Assuming a school follows through on the syllabus provided to Yoga Alliance, a basic core yoga education will be achieved, but within those guidelines, each school is allowed to slant the material presented according to the school or staff’s philosophy or method.  If you choose to train in a school that specializes in one type of yoga, Anasura or Ashtanga, for example, the training coursework will review alignment,  sequencing, and philosophy through the tradition of that method, which now means there can be a great deal of difference between programs.

To assure you are getting the kind of yoga foundation that will serve you and your goals best, begin by checking to see that the school you are considering is registered with Yoga Alliance and try a class to be sure the style and approach to yoga is in alignment with your goals as a future yoga teacher. Yoga Alliance requires schools to put their syllabus online, allowing a student to research the content of differing programs and see reviews from graduates, feedback to help you make the decision of whether or not a facility will meet your criteria. As Yoga Alliance adds rigor and accountability to yoga teacher training programs, and creates a check and balance system of reviews while also demanding full disclosure of a school's material and intention, everyone benefits by the higher standard.

We recommend anyone considering a yoga training program begin by checking the reviews and  syllabus of schools under consideration by visiting Yoga Alliance's national website. The link below makes it easy to check how our graduates felt about their learning experience at Heartwood, and from here you can look into other schools as well.

“Yoga is bringing fitness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.
Peace is the foundation of yoga. Karma yoga is the effort for bringing peace and happiness in the world.”

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