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Registered yoga teacher trainings

“Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy.”

Yin Yoga Certification

Feb. 11 & 12,  2020  Tuesday & Wed.  11:00-6:30pm
July 16-17, Thursday & Friday 11:00-6:30

Yin yoga training offers 16 hours of continuing education credits (16 contact hours) with a weekend devoted to yin studies that include the yin history, theory, methodology, sequencing and postures of yin yoga as a specific practice for spiritual, physical and energetic enhancement and as a compliment to a traditional yang practice. Two hours are devoted specifically to anatomy with special emphasis on ligaments and fascia tissue .This course also covers meridians and energy pathways as well as the use of essential oils to stimulate the energetic body. 

Tuition- $395.00 (Includes lunch each day)