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Registered yoga teacher trainings

This course explores the yogic view of dying, and how we can assist and be present before and during transition for those at the end of their life. We explore cultural attitudes and behaviors regarding dying today and how this can contribute to the confusion, guilt and discomfort of those dealing with their or a loved one’s mortality. While this class is open to anyone interested in becoming enlightened and comfortable with death, the course is primarily designed for yoga teachers to make them comfortable with death and transition and provide skills to hold space, open conversation and provide practices to ease suffering for those facing death.

This course includes:

  • Death: an overview - how death is perceived, ignored, or feared today. Different religious beliefs about the afterlife and how to address and work in harmony with them in yoga therapy.
  •  Buddhist & yogic views of death – what happens when we transition? Overview of meditations and practices to honor and embrace our mortality.
  • Meditations on dying.
  • The Life review: methods for finding meaning and purpose in our existence.
  • Being present and holding space for the transition. The practices of death dulas, hospice, and yoga therapy for finding purpose and beauty in aiding transitions. 
  • Bedside yoga
  • Death and religion, family and social roadblocks: obstructions to a peaceful end.
  • Meditations on Death to add  life to our living. 
  • Bodhisattva: living a life of compassion and service
  • Yoga for Grief and Loss

 Yoga Therapy for Grief and Loss

This 3 hour workshop (included in the course) focuses on grief and how it affects individuals and yoga practices to aid in moving through grief. Although loss is an inevitable part of life, yoga therapy can address the difference between meaningless pain and the manifestation of understanding and wisdom. This course reminds clients they are capable of transforming and healing grief while finding the spiritual and emotional resilience needed to move through challenging times. This course explores simple practices to help clients experience what richness comes from asking deeper questions about loss and about life. The goals is to equip yoga teachers & therapists with a deeper understanding of grief and how it manifests in the body and mind. The course will provide tools & practices designed to help people move through debilitating sadness while also gaining perspective and finding meaning in their suffering. Honoring and holding space for grief, as well as ow to best support and hold space for those grieving.

Fee:$395.00 (Includes Lunch daily.)

Please bring a journal to this course.

Yoga Therapy for Death, Dying and Caregivers

& Yoga for Grief and Loss

Oct. 16 & 17, Thursday & Friday from 9:00am -6:30 pm

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” – Martin Luther