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Registered yoga teacher trainings

The 800 hour yoga therapy certification is a residency program  which consists on a 300 hour foundational program, followed by three 100 hour yoga therapy concentration programs that are each 8 days. The 300 hour Foundational Skills is offered in a variety of formats, but must be taken before students attend the yoga therapy concentrations A, B & C,  unless special arrangements have been agreed upon with the director. Concentration A-C residencies can be taken in any order. A 200 hour practicum fulfills the final requirements and this can begin in areas of competency after each concentration has been completed. Heartwood has developed relationships with several health and wellness facilities or organizations in the area, such as the Florida Cancer Specialsts and Parkinson's Place, as well as therapy programs on site, which provide students with opportunity to fulfill practicum requirements and get hands on experience.

Yoga Therapy Foundation Skills and Theory - 300 hours 

This coursework can be taken in one 22 day immersion or students can participate for a portion of the program and return later in the season to finish the work in another immersion or modules. This course work is a stand alone RYT-300 certification with concentration in yoga therapy as well as the first step in the 800 hour C-IAYT certification. There is additional practicum homework, readings and some proficiency evaluations required in this coursework for those in the yoga therapy program verses the RYT-500. Division 1 coursework is offered every Jan.-Feb. and July-August, and can also be taken in modules. Those who do not choose to do this in an immersion format have up to three years to complete the work.

Foundational Skills residencies: Tuition 4,250.00 (includes meals and housing if required.) 

January 24 - Feb. 17th, 2019
July 25 - August 15,  2020

Yoga Therapy Immersion Concentrations (300 hours) - $2,250.00 per 8 day residency (Includes meals and lodging if required.)

After completing the foundational program, students will need to participate in 3 eight day residencies at Heartwood that concentrate on specific yoga therapy areas of concentration. These residencies are offered each fall and spring from a Saturday to Saturday. Classes begin at 7:30 am on Saturday, so students should arrive the day prior. We are excused at 7:30 on the last day (Saturday), so most students will leave the next morning if they are flying out and can use Sunday as a travel day.) These residencies can be taken in any order. Students who proceed in a linear fashion will complete this portion of the training in 18 months, or students can attend just the spring or fall sessions (joining us 1 week a year) and the coursework would take 3 years. Opportunities to begin your practicum are available after concentration modules if the practicum work is within the scope of the concentrations completed.


Yoga Therapy Concentration A

October 12-Oct. 19 2019
March 27-April 3, 2021

Yoga Therapy Concentration B  
March 28-April 4, 2020
Oct. 9 - 16, 2021

Yoga Therapy Concentration C
Oct. 10-17, 2020
March 26-April 2, 2022

Practicum & Competency Unit - Tuition $1,150.00
This 205 hours of the certification requires 150 hours of practicum - providing yoga therapy to clients with follow up of assessments and evaluations. This is to be completed by the student as well as an additional 55 hours of documentation and mentoring under the guidance of staff. Heartwood has forged relationships with area health facilities to provide opportunity for our students to fulfill praticicum hours. Students joining us from out of town will need to arrange their own teaching circumstances and work with a mentor. 


As an all inclusive  residency program, you will find the Heartwood Yoga Therapy Program affordable while being both comprehensive and designed to provide personal attention and flexibility.   The full 800 hour Yoga Therapy certification can be paid for in full for a discounted rate or as you proceed through the sequential divisions you can pay as you go with each residency. Payment plans are available but do add interest to the balance. All meals during the residencies are included with your tuition as well as complimentary housing (dorm style) which is available on a first come, first serve basis for those joining us from out of town. We do not have private rooms on the property, however, those who wish to reserve a private room with bath can opt to stay in a home situated near Heartwood owned by one of our yoga students (Air B & B style) for only 20.00 per night. ​

Discounted Tuition for the entire 800 hour program when paid in full: $11,000.

Tuition for full 800 hour program when paying separately for each section of study. (The foundational program, 3 yoga therapy concentrations & the Practicum and competency unit will total = $12,200.



“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar