The full 800 hour Yoga Therapy certification can be paid for in full, or as you proceed through the 4 sequential divisions. Payment plans are available but do add interest to the balance. All meals during the residencies are included with your tuition. Complimentary housing (dorm style) is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis for those joining us from out of town. We do not have private rooms on the property, however, those who wish to reserve a private room with bath can opt to stay in a home situated near Heartwood owned by one of our yoga students (Air B & B style) for only 20.00 per night. ​

Division 1 must be taken before students attend any other section. Division 2 & 3 can be taken in any order. Division 4 is available only after all coursework is completed. The schedule of programs for 2019 is offered below, program dates for 2020 TBA. 

Division 1 – Introduction to therapy: Skills and Theory - 300 hours - 4,250.00.

This coursework can be taken in one 22 day immersion or students can participate for 12 days and return later in the season for the 10 day conclusion. Many of these credits can be applied to earning a  RYT-300 certification. Students who have completed the yoga therapy 300 hour program at Heartwood in the past can talk to us about transfer credits to the 800 hour yoga therapy program. A few additional courses have been added and will still be required. 

Division One Coursework includes: Advanced Teaching and Communication Skills, Advanced Meditation, Ayurveda 1, Philosophy 1, Yin Yoga for Therapy, Restorative Yoga for Therapy, Yoga for all Stages of Life, Accessible Yoga, Trauma Yoga, Journey through the subtle body,  Workshop and retreat planning and implementation, Introduction to Yoga Therapy. - Online: Advanced Anatomy, & Physiology.
This 250 hour residency portion of the course plus 50 hours of online learning is offered in a 22 day immersion scheduled two times a year, or students can opt to stay for 12 days in one session and return another session for the second 10 days, as your schedule allows. 

Upcoming residencies:

January 24 - Feb. 17th, 2019

June 30 - July 21, 2019

Division 2 - Therapy residency A - $3,250.00
Offered in a 10 day immersion: Coursework includes: Philosophy 2/Bhagavad Gita, Advanced Pranayama, Dharma and the Purposeful Life,  Yoga therapy Assessments & treatments, Yoga Therapy 2: Exploring Addiction and Recovery,  Online: Yoga and the Mind, Yoga Anatomy part 2, Yoga Therapy 1 . 

October 12-20, 2019 

Division 3- Therapy residency B – $3,250.00. Offered in 10 day immersion format. 125 hours residency and 50 hours distance learning. Offered in a 10 day Immersion: Coursework includes: The Science of Silence: Meditation and Stillness, Philosophy 3: Uphanishads, Quest for True Self, Ayurveda 2, Yamas and NiYamas, A guide to purifying. Yoga Therapy Assessments. Online: Yoga Therapy Assessments & Ethics.  

March 20-29, 2020  

Division4 – Practicum & Competency Unit – $1,250.
This 205 hours of the certification requires 150 hours of practicum - providing yoga therapy to clients with follow up of assessments and evaluations. This is to be completed by the student as well as an additional 55 hours of documentation and mentoring under the guidance of staff.

Discounted Tuition for the entire 800 hour program when paid in full: $11,000.

Tuition for full 800 hour program when paying by division. (4 divisions added together) Total = $12,000.

Each division can be paid when taken. Payment plans are available for each division but they do add interest depending on which plan you choose.



“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

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